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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (or a VA in simple terms) provides support to businesses from a remote location (or virtually if you will), assisting them with their day-to-day tasks. Tasks may be administrative, technical, creative and more, although as I'm sure you can imagine, a 'Virtual Assistant' is a very broad term and covers a range of different skills! 

What are the benefits of working with a VA?

A VA is a flexible way to grow your team. Employees come with long contracts, legal obligations and commitment. Instead, I work on an hourly or monthly subscription. I also come 'ready-skilled' with expertise, efficiency and knowledge gained throughout my professional career - no need for lengthy training! It also makes a lot of financial sense - you only pay for the exact time I spend working rather than employee having breaks or 'running late'.

I essentially need a P.A!

Can you help?

In short, YES! I understand what growing a small business entails and I know you're spinning way too may plates! I LOVE helping businesses succeed - planning and organisation is a genuine passion of mine! I am completely flexible and accommodating, and what may seem like mundane tasks to you is quite the opposite to me! We can discuss everything in our consultation call initially to ensure we're both happy - no stress!

Do you have any skills/qualifications to be a VA?

I have over 14 years of professional experience in roles involving Customer Service, Marketing, Administration, Sales and Business Operations Management as well as several qualifications in Business Management, Marketing (including Social Media) and Business Administration. In an ever-evolving industry however, I aim and hope to never stop educating myself for both mine and my client's benefit.

Will I ever meet you in person?

I prefer working remotely; it's one of the driving reasons that I set up my business in the first place. That being said, I also understand the need for additional help from time-to-time for instances such as events or important meetings. Pre-arrangement is necessary in these circumstances so please let me know in advance. If you'd like to put a face to the name, I'm more than happy to attend a zoom or skype call with you!

Do you work on bank holidays, weekends, or after hours?

Of course! Though I don't set specific working hours or schedules, as I operate a service that supports small businesses, I generally work standard UK office hours Monday to Friday 8:30-17:30. I will always work to make sure you're supported. If you require services outside of these times, please let me know and I'll try to accommodate as best as possible.

Am I locked into a scarily long contract with you?

Not at all! If you don't want to stay, I'm not going to make you. I understand that needs change and I hope I impressed you enough to make you want to stay! If you're certain you want end our agreement, just let me know (in writing) at least 14 days before your billing date.

I'm worried about confidentiality. How do you deal with this?

Given the nature of some of the businesses I support, confidentiality is paramount to me - it is intrinsic to my work. On a practical level, my legally-binding contract with you contains a number of strict confidentiality clauses that I agree to adhere to and I'm more than happy to sign an 'NDA' if required. I'm also currently registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for GDPR Compliance.

How does billing work?

You only pay for the hours i've spent working on your business and this is usually agreed upon in our initial consultation meeting. You can choose to pay hourly or for a select number of hours per month. To make sure my support continually adapts to your business, any unused hours can be rolled over to the following month, or if you need a little extra support and go over the agreed hours, I can simply bill you for the additional time. You can keep track of the time I've spent on your business through 'Toggl' and I'll also send a weekly report directly to you for visibility and reassurance too.

How do I pay?

I always require a 50% deposit on agreed hours before commencement of work with the remaining amount due after the work is completed on a mutually agreed day. Most of my clients prefer to pay via Direct Debit as it's one of the safest ways to pay in the UK. If that doesn't work for you, I can send you an invoice to pay via BACS. If you're making a payment to me from outside of the UK, you can do this via Transferwise.  

How do I share passwords with you confidentially?

I recommend you use a software such as Passpack (free) or Lastpass to share sensitive or confidential information with me. These softwares are 100% secure and encrypted. You retain complete control over access to the information shared and can revoke access or update your password at any time. Any information shared is destroyed after use as per GDPR guidelines and is never shared under any circumstances.

What tasks can you not help me with?

Not very much; but there are always limitations. I'm unable to help with tasks that require a license or professional accreditation to carry out. I generally can't help with highly complex marketing campaigns involving SEO/SEM, PPC or affiliate - I may be able to help with aspects but I'm not a digital marketing consultant. Although I offer invoicing and bill management, I don't usually help with book-keeping or accountancy 

services. I also generally don't help with cold-calling or 'spam' (ie. to a list that hasn't specifically agreed to hear from you). I also reserve the right to reject any task assigned to me that would make me feel uncomfortable (or break the law).

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